When I Post and It Gets Toasted

I find it frustrating when I write something, post it here and then it is gone without a trace. 

It doesn't happen often but the lesson is that it's not my site and not my data. #data 

#Bitcoin is great because the nodes all all over the planet and Once my transaction is confirmed it's done. When I am unsure if the transaction is broadcast I can go to the mempool and see if it is there. If my transaction has a fee that is too low I can bump the fee higher and it will go through as miners are incentivised to grab the transactions with the highest fees first. That's on chain. That's the very basics and it works. 

Most everyone would say, "My debit or credit card works the same way!" 

Does it? 

Why do businesses have to keep credit card receipts and records? Because someone will dispute the charge or the transactions will not be settled and you loose money. This is another mechanism of $Fiat currency that causes inflation. A bearer instrument like cash is settled immediately... unless it is counterfeit. 

Bitcoin has eliminated all of the ridiculous activities we do to keep the economy moving. Every got a check? How long does that take to settle?

Instead of taxes government could just have you log in with your lightning wallet and you would stream micro transactions back and forth as needed. mSats are a max of 2.1 quintillion. 

But anyway. Honey badger don't care. 

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