Etymology is a wild ride!

Etymology is a wild ride!

Inspired by a post:

Christ and Krishna have the same roots and both mean the anointed one (with ashes) and also refers literally to a "black guy". 

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, tells Arjuna (Literally means the "white guy" ) that his behavior in not wanting to fight a war (Mahabharata - The great play) is un - Ayrian ( not noble ). 

In this case the point is that being Ayrian has NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN but has everything to do with being a good Noble Fighter (Property rights...).

The Buddha's philosophy literally is called the Ayrian Truth (Aria Sattva ( same SAT as Satoshi).

The joke in India (also called Bharata as in Mahabharata) is that Hitler lost the war because he drew the Swastika backwards. India, of course is a country full of light, brown, red and dark people who the Germans were surprised to find out understood the roots of most German, Latin and Greek words.

The word self and Svastikam have the same root. 

All racist are retarded men and women who half-ass dialogue and find power in central planning which is the opposite of the language of the free market. 


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