OgFOMK ArTS Projects:

We like to do things in addition to this thing.
  1. Wat Pasantidhamma U.S. Dhamma Mission

    Started in May 2018

    The Wat Pasantidhamma U.S. Dhamma Mission is dedicated to the teachings of the the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. We use chanting, sitting mediation, walking meditation and Dhamma discussion to reach out to the English speaking community. Our temple (Wat) is located in Carrollton, VA, USA.

    The Website is located at:

    The Long Range Reconnaissance Role Playing Game

    Started in 2017

    LRRRPG -- The Long Range Reconnaissance Role Playing Game is the game of life for lay practitioners of the Buddha's Dhamma discovery. The goal is to find enlightenment and become an arahant. It's a game that can be played by anyone who is interested in uncovering the truth about life, it's mysteries and of course bettering the experience to eventually remove suffering.

    The Website is located at: 
  3. Art and Photography by Kim Breeding-Mercer

    Painting by Kim Breeding-Mercer

    Started in 2018

    Kim has just launched a society6 account and is working to resurrect her ancient etsy shop, in order to get her paintings and photography out into the world.
  4. The Zombie Bookmobile

    Started April 2014

    Kim penned a cautionary tale for children, and illustrated it, to boot!

    Find the book on Amazon



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