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It Doesn't Matter What Other People Do.

It doesn't matter what other people do... Period! 
Recently we had another set of shootings in Virginia Beach. One man killed, at the time of this writing, 13 people and injured 3 others. This is an extreme example of real human behavior. Yet to my own spiritual life and well being it doesn't matter what that man did. It matters what I do.
I could not sleep so I started this post after meditating because I was mulling over shootings, family illnesses, parental health (my parents), spousal health, children's health, grandchildren's health, work, co-workers, bosses, jobs, money, bills, housing, cats, my feet, my work boots, my truck. This endless list continues. I then shifted the focus from them and that to me.
I've been a terrible employee, father, son, spouse, grandson, brother, friend, co-worker and citizen many times because of the things I have done. My careless and selfish behavior has led to much suffering on the part of others. I've also been a good guy…

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