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If You Really Want to Follow the Money

I was inspired by an article my cousin posted on Facebook regarding tax cheats. I'm re-posting my response. 

Sunflower follows the sunshine, you follow the money
Sunflower follows the sunshine, you follow the money

If you really want to follow the money, read this by Robert Breedlove (Below).  Taxes are just 1 side of the coin. The other is the money itself.  
  1.  #USD The US Dollar is the unit we have to pay our taxes in. 
  2. USD is the reserve currency of all other world currencies so you need it to purchase most goods but especially Oil, food, water, raw materials and labor. 
  3. USD is manufactured (issued #Fiat ) by the Federal Reserve who are NOT a government branch.  They are a private organization of banks who create unlimited USD which is given to large failing corporations and governments as loans and bailouts that are NEVER paid back. 
  4. Inflation is created when a limited supply of USD is increased.  When the FED issued 2 trillion extra dollars this year it devalued the USD everyone who worked for it head.  This is an invisible tax. 
  5. The USD is not pegged to gold,  silver,  precious metals or anything.  In 1971 President Nixon removed this connection. 
  6. The majority of taxes are paid by working people. We will be taxed as slaves.  Unlimited dollar creation devalues the debts we already have thus investing a debt from billions to trillions.  Impossible to ever pay back but taxpayers are responsible for creating the labor to back those debts. 

Robert Breedlove: Masters and Slaves of Money on Medium.

The Super Privi

The Super Privi -- Outer Banks, NC Smiley
The Super Privi -- Outer Banks, NC Smiley

Many around me have been tired of me talking about a failing financial system. It doesn't mean just dollars or the Federal reserve. Oil just dropped below zero yesterday. I really started to learn about this in December 2019. 

I was already disappointed by our financial system but I just assumed that it was rigged or maybe I didn't know how yet to leverage it. The current system is going to run itself dry. 

The good news is that we have many great tools available to us. These tools have been selflessly built and are into action now. 

This epidemic was inevitable. Because poor, uneducated, discarded human beings have been left out of the elite financial system the activities of those people are touching everyone. 

I'm still hearing from privileged "whites" how if people learned how to save money they works not be in this mess. It's wage slavery. I still hear from privileged "whites" and others with similar disposition that welfare riders are cheating the system. As soon as I bring up corporate welfare, war or some other expenditures that less government proponents allocate, these folks segue to another subject quickly... Usually some archaic mortal conundrum.

Wealthy people have a choice of financial tools. Real estate, precious metals, violence, government, religion, morality, class, cash, education and natural resources. These are the super wealthy. In reality, they don't need a financial system because they can manipulate it. They, the super rich, know that it's a sham so they trade commodities. 

Ironically the super rich have benefited from the innovation of regular people and have become intertwined with us to the point that they are addicted to freedom.

The Super Privi -- Outer Banks, NC Smiley
The Super Privi -- Outer Banks, NC Smiley


Publishing from 1987 to Present

OgFOMK ArTS Issue 1, 1988

Pre Publishing 1987

The photo above was taken by Cheryl. In the photo is from the left: Lon, Alex and Mike. It was 1987. Maximum Rock-N-Roll was the most influential publication to me. I, Alex, had a dream of being an influential punk writer, musician and artist. Oddly enough, fame was not what I wanted. I was merely a participant in a counter revolutionary uniform.

I wanted to publish. I wanted to do it myself. DIY "Do It Yourself" was our mantra. We were bombarded with products, commercials and trends. It was the same for the children of the 1920s to the end of the Twentieth Century. After a Civil War, Two World Wars, a Korean War, Vietnam, an Iran hostage fiasco, The Cold War and One Space shuttle with a civilian going kaput we knew the commercials were lies.

The news was bad. The sponsors were offering relief and solace with tobacco, beer, trendy clothes, and video games. Fantastic rock music and rap presented gritty alternatives but they too were making a buck to hide from the machine. Feed the machine, make a quick buck and escape. We thought differently.

We wanted to replace the machine with the technology that made creation available to everyone. 


I was writing, talking a lot and playing in a band. After I failed 9th grade twice and was failing 10th grade with three study halls, the administrators at my public high school asked me to leave. Fortunately the Dean of Boys and his wife had their eye on me and suggested I get my GED (General Education Diploma) which was a high school equivalency course. I turned in my textbooks, filled out my exit package, got my receipts and hauled ass.

My friend, Dawn, had already used a church Xerox machine to publish her own zine. I thought that I could do that too. I ended up using the Xerox machine at the construction office of a contractor I worked for. Procurement.

By 1988 I had completed my GED. Thus graduating high school and I decided to enroll in college. I acquired an IBM Selectric Typewriter. I read more books. I was working. I was playing in my band. I was writing. I was publishing.

My work was erratic. It was of poor quality. I was struggling with the simplest things. I didn't give up.

In the ten years from 1988 To 1998 I managed to publish about 10 items. Very small items. I also worked with some others in music, writing, spoken word, publishing and performance art. I learned that I was good at getting people together but keeping momentum was difficult. The weakest link was always me.

Present Day

For whatever reason people write and read. I have no idea why. Personally it's a doorway that could not be opened without help. I've learned so much from wanting to publish. Here is a web application known as PUBLISH0x and you can write and earn as both the reader and writer. Amazing.

I've tried to put this out here for your eyes. Enjoy. It's just a cave painting describing the hunt. Tip yourself for reading and me if you like.

The rest of my drivel is at Https:\\ 

Originally Published on Publish0x:

Behold Buddha Buds Being

Interesting at first when seeing
Behold Buddha Buds being,
Knock all miracle stories away
All savour thoughts are hearsay;

Witness instead the Dhamma
Upholds an even hammer,
Wise and foolish succumb
Even fields in consortium;

But it's not just condition arise
Nor is it a view to compromise,
A practice not in defeat
But returning to the calm seat;

Birth, aging, sickness and death
The bodies inhabitants bereft,
Soul or not has no worries
We're left here sharing stories;

There it is, a bud, 
Of human power could,
Beyond the traps of advert
Encourage practice, reduce hurt;

Now they do like mocking buds
Branches civilized shrouded shoulds,
Still there flowing and directing
Wise approaching or avoiding;

But this is a practice inside
Not one that is outside,
Nothing to show anyone else
The proof is an internal bell;

Ring it rings or vision
Another proof with indecision,
Letting go to even part
Oxen man leaves his cart.

The Fly, Hand and Poo

The fly landing on my hand
After jovial excrement dancing
Doesn't know the difference
Between me and shit;

We're all food to the fly
We're all food to the fly
No difference between me
And shit;

The fly salutes me and then
The fly salutes the shit
By rubbing it's little front legs
Grateful for another tasty lick;

All food for the glorious golden
Metal colored and painted body
Of the noble fly who vomits
And pukes on me and the poo;

Made of food the shit and I
Made of food for the fly
Made of food we all are we
Dung, urine and all our fleshy goodness;

Go away fly you've touched me
And you've touched shit
Shit is a better place to rest and dine
Not my hands, face, arms or legs;

The fly goes away as I attempted
A self gratifying picture of us both
I figure we are now friends
I and my insect muse must document
This occasion.


Alexander Nuttall
twitter: @ogfomk |  LinkedIn: ogfomk | Facebook: OgFOMKzine


A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity

A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity

The Times They Are a Toughing

It has always been tough here on earth. Make no mistake about that. From historical accounts to the sculpted busts of our gods and heroes. It's all been tough and we humans drug up the toughness to the point of reflection in this toughness.

In the United States we are so full of vanity, dissolution and delusion. We are not too far from the rest of the planet in this, but we have a special twist. We believe that, yes, everyone suffers but we can fix it. Just give us some time.

On the other hand we have people suffering here in our own country because we have been sold an idea that we can achieve anything if we work hard, follow the rules, lie, cheat, make friends, lose friends, go to church or temple or prayer house or the movies and buy all kinds of crap that we do not need.

It has always been and always will be a tough existence. Our existence is a kinder and gentler strike against humanity. Our days are numbered. For some of us the days are numbered until Christ comes. For some others the days are numbered until the Messiah comes. For another handful billion it is anticipation for reckoning end days. A recipe for disaster and an absolution for responsibility.

The Sky people and the hedonists are in the same boat. One huge volcano or asteroid and it will all be over. The end days are coming.

No Matter Where You Go You are There

Yep, it is not anyone's responsibility except your responsibility. You, gentle reader, are responsible for everything! You are responsible for every action that you take. 

You are responsible for every life you take. You are responsible for every piece of trash and pollution that you generate. You are responsible for every piece of land that you exist upon and for every bit of water that touches your lips, quenches your thirst or washes your feet.

Just image that you have gone on to the heavenly realm. Your mind will still be there. No magic will change that. All of your thoughts and activities are still yours. All of the joys, not joys nor sorrows, and sorrows are still yours. So if you are responsible for all of what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think then how can you escape that?

You can not escape but you can train your mind to see that all things are impermanent. There lies your responsibility and power. All things are impermanent and this includes all things that you have decided are yours or are you. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, muscles and bones are temporary. Your house, land, road, path, state, country, continent, ocean, planet, sun, solar system, galaxy and universe are temporary. 

So the only thing you can do is take responsibility for this observation and train your mind to understand that it, All Of This, is temporary. 


Perhaps you are feeling a little trapped. Your relationship, economic standing, depression or incarceration is preventing you from being free. It certainly is. So is the conditioning that you have.  So are the thoughts and beliefs that you have. So is the family structure. So is your nationalism. So is your humanity. So is your racism. All of this is incarceration. You are born into this.

So, please, don't kill yourself! Your life force will only take up a new prison. All of the things that make this life hard will not go away. Your body is made up of food. You are food. It does not matter what you call it. You can cremate or embalm or wrap in fancy cloth but your body is food and made up of food. Killing yourself will only throw away the highly developed bit of accumulated food that your mind has put together. 

Take care of yourself! Since you are in prison, jail or just a tough situation you can begin your training immediately. Upon investigating and concluding that training is to be undertaken you will begin to transform the mind and thus....

Get Out of Jail Free Card

If you are reading this, then here is your get out of jail free card. If you are listening to this then here is your get out of jail free card. Listen. Read. Understand.

Push your breath out. Keep pushing it. Push. Give it away. Push until your lungs can do this no more. You may cough. Your body will suck in the breath. Push your breath out again. Push it hard. Relax.

Your body is following some rules. Out breath leads to in breath.  This natural condition is the get out of jail free card. Now you are meditating. Your mind has begin to see freedom of understanding that the breath is impermanent too! The driving vital force that is you is a rhythmic breath.

If you can, shut your mouth and practice breathing through your nose. The nose is a filter. The nose is a natural gate. If you can not do this then just breath. 

No matter what else is going on focus on your training breath. This will cure and free you. All thoughts are empty so pay them no mind. When you get to a point where the exercise is exhausting then let go of the forced breathing and pay attention to the gentle breathing. Your mind will become sharp, clear and calm.

Free At Last

The powerful strike against humanity has already happened. The kinder and gentler strike that you have now launched has begun. You will soon realize that it began a very long time ago. Billions of years ago you began this journey. In fact, there is no point that you did not exist. 

You are not your eyes. There are people who have lost sight and they still are themselves. You are not your legs or arms. There are people who have lost these items as well yet they are still people. There is a certain point that your body will disintegrate. That's just the out breath. The in breath was your birth. 

A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity is about learning to practice breath exercise and gaining freedom that is unshakable.

#Breath #Freedom #Mind #Meditation #Buddhism


© Alexander Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2019 All Rights Reserved. - "A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity"

Not Darkness and Not Light

Holding your hand
You are shaking and I am afraid
That this will be your last day
As I know you

Your tombstone, I threaten,
Will read, not "Done,"
But it will read, "I'll be back."

I've always known that death would come to me
And I was lonely in this understanding
But you let me understand that 
I had a friend, a love, a cosmic companion,

Yet here you are 
Eyes blank
Skin cold
Breath amiss and leaving
Shutting down

All of my power to hold and grasp and keep you
Is futile
You are slowly dying and I miss you
Even before you pass,


You've returned
And you are as opinionated as ever,
My cosmic companion has returned,
Not interested in another body 
You push this one along a little longer,

It's not darkness, nor is it light,
It's the wool over my eyes
And I like it
That I am able to spend one more day, hour, minute and second
With you,

I know I will die too
And I used to hope that I went before you
Or that we went at the same time --
Someone else's mess to clean up
But know now that I want to be there
To cuddle you and help send you
Away with peace
When your time comes,

I will watch you and my heart will
Beat anticipating you
Leaving this world
And how much you have shared with me,

This allows us to live!

You are alive right now in the next room
I will kiss you once more before 
I go to work.

Not Darkness and Not Light

The Cat's out of the Bag

Dimka, "Grey Smoke"

This is Dimka. Her name is a Russian variant word that means "grey smoke". She appeared to us about three years ago. We found her out front of our little townhouse in the rainy part of August 2016. It was cold and very wet. She was shivering and hungry. 

Dimka at the front door 2016

We already had an indoor only cat. I told my wife that if this outside cat hangs around for 5 days we will adopt her. I made a little shelter outside for her to sleep in. As it turns out she had the attention of both of my next door neighbors. 

a.k.a. Mosby, "Gray Ghost"

George was my neighbor to the right. He did not like cats. He did however find interest in Dimka. George had bought food for her and named her after Civil War General John S. Mosby because of her grey coat. John S. Mosby was known as the "Gray Ghost" (Incidentally the word for guest in Russian is ghost).

Joan was my neighbor to the left. She was feeding Dimka too. She had made a little shelter also for Dimka. She didn't name Dimka. 

Dimka at the Norfolk SPCA 2016

Five days passed and on a Tuesday morning I scooped up the grey cat and took her to the Norfolk SPCA. They would be able to determine if the cat was male or female. They could scan for a microchip. They would be able to give her the shots she needed.

Dimka the Russian Blue

I told my wife about what I had done. I told her the cat's gender. Roza named her Dimka. We did a little research. It turned out that our new street cat was a Russian Blue. At least that's what we came up with. We spoke Russian at home sometimes so it made sense.

Before I had only our cat Lena. Lena would meditate with me. Dimka and her at first didn't get along. Dimka terrified Lena. Eventually the girls tolerated each other. 

Dimka never misses an opportunity to sit with me during meditation practice. Sometimes Lena joins us. It's strange and wonderful. My wife and I love both of our cats. The street cat and the indoor only. Both cats are strictly indoor now. Cats don't live long living outside. 

Lena, Dimka and Alexander Nuttall practicing meditation

Sometimes Lena gets to eat the leaves of a lilly in the back yard. So she gets taken to the plant. She eats a little and then runs to the back door in order to get back inside. Dimka, on the other hand, would just run away. 

So I scooped her up and committed her to a velvet cage. We play, mediate, eat, pee, shit and so on. Both Dimka and Lena take turns using the restroom with me. It's what we cats do.

Dear Humanity or 4th of July Muse

Dear Humanity;

We are absolutely ready to move on and build spaceports, rocket ships and mine the solar system for valuables. In the meantime why not take care of the labor force here on Earth.  It's July 4th and we thought we would send you our patriotic message.

We hear the music, fireworks and gunshots. You don't think that we hear the fear too! We sure do. It's also a rhythmic ripple on the water of life. We've lived long enough not to be afraid of it all. So you shall reap that fearlessness too!


Isn't it amazing what we bring to the table. Our raw abilities and the skills we have acquired are amazing. We don't need a great leader for this we need a great nation of leaders to step up and step out of the greedy box. You think that your place in this universe is fixed? Think again.

This fragile planet is not going to sustain us for too long. She is the egg. We want to make sure that this mother and her kind babies of life are not aborted by carelessness. It's time to build those ships for the future.


A Noah's ark story is upon us. Some of you may think that it will fix itself but you ignore your own actions in the stream. We are all responsible for the today and tomorrow. Yesterday is the chalk board and we can read what we wrote but it is up to us to bring forth the solutions to the equations.

Diversity is the key to our survival. Time to embrace all of this. It is all ours. We did not invent suicide, homicide, genocide or herbicide. We all participated until we realized we did not need to. Let's move on and get to the stars. Our mother Earth is to be respected while a plan of escape is to be devised. Some of us need to leave. 


Patriotism is a limited ego trip. It is not the future. It is the dream of yesterdays future. We can only honor the fight if we take what we have gained and build a foundation to the future. All of our brothers and sisters and animals and plants and insects and life are screaming toward a future.

So we are moving on. The mother ship is approaching in our hearts and minds. The rockets red glare is the afterburn. Let's work toward a few billion years more!

Alexander Nuttall
OgFOMK ArTS | twitter: @ogfomk | Keybase: ogfomk | LinkedIn: ogfomk | Facebook: OgFOMKzine

When The Conditions Are Right, This Will Happen

Buddha Land - Wat Pasantidhamma

The Dhamma

The word "Dhamma" (Dharma) is a cousin to our word for Earth (Terra). As far as science is concerned the conditions were right and Earth happened. This is the Dhamma that we understand.

When the conditions are right, this will happen. That's what Dhamma is. Dhamma is the foundation, the piles, the pile caps, the grade beam and the truth. So when the conditions are right things happen. 

Right does not mean good or bad. Right means fecund, fertile or ready. If the conditions are right you will have an accident. If the conditions are right you will save money. If the conditions are right your life will end. All of this is Dhamma!

The Four Noble Truths

The Noble truth of suffering is based on the conditions are right for suffering truth. The first truth is that There Is Suffering. The second Truth is that there are Causes to Suffering. The third truth is that All Suffering Ceases (When the Conditions are Right). The fourth Noble Truth is that Suffering Ceases when the Noble Eightfold path is observed.

The Noble Eightfold path is based on finding the conditions right for ending suffering through observant action. Either way the conditions will always be right for something to happen. Observing the Noble Eightfold Path creates the right conditions for non-attachment to endless conditions which create suffering.

The Noble Eightfold Path

1. Right View - Observing that all dhammas are temporary and dependency creates suffering

2. Right Resolve - Deciding to create the conditions within the mind to let go of suffering.

3. Right Speech - As this is a multi-verse of beings it is important that the truth, kind words and speech that is liberating is used.

4. Right Action - Performing activity that is blameless within one's own mind and the shared space work with others.

5. Right Livelihood - Making your way in this world without killing, selling weapons, selling intoxicants and honest labor. 

6. Right Effort - Strategic effort that follows the conditions to make the desired results happen and also eliminate the efforts that do the opposite.

7. Right Mindfulness - Fully putting your mind to work in ending suffering. 

8. Right Concentration - Focusing on the exact activity you are working on. 


In Buddhism, meditation is the practice of arriving to the right conditions. When you start any activity the conditions will always be wrong! The conditions are wrong because the result is not there. In other words the conditions are right for change. 

In order to arrive at the right conditions we practice. We practice meditation on wisdom (Vipasana) and we practice meditation on Concentration (Samadhi). 

Vipasana is extracting the truth of Dhamma from the waste of good advice, rules, regulations, scriptures and the whole lot that is distributed. Vipasana creates an inner condition where the mind understands without having to prove anything. Vipasana brings forth a condition without conflict.

Samadhi then is concentration. During meditation one can observe the breath. When the mind is presenting a multitude of ideas there is a training shift to the breath, or skin, or teeth or any number of objects that have been designated as the one that reinforces concentration. 


The only reason to want to end suffering is the arrival of Doom. This is the feeling that all is hopeless. A healthy feeling that birth, aging, sickness and death are inescapable. If this was a fraction or equation it would be Doom/Dhamma. Doom is suffering. Doom is Dukkha. Dukkha is gravity. Gravity/Dhamma is a whole. Dukkha/Dhamma when the conditions are right. 

Doom then is suffering. In the the Dhammachakkapavatanna Sutta (The Turning off the Wheel of Dhamma) there are illustrations of suffering. Basically it is this: if you have this desire for something it is suffering and if you have something that you like it can be (it will be) lost. All conditions are suffering. The conditonless (Nibbanna) is the end of suffering. 


To fall into the condition where there is no conditional attachment is Nibbanna. This is developed by practice. So when the conditions are right this conditonless state also will happen. It's the center of the equation. You will find it there.


If You Really Want to Follow the Money

I was inspired by an  article  my cousin posted on Facebook regarding tax cheats. I'm re-posting my response.  Sunflower follows the s...