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A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity

The Times They Are a Toughing It has always been tough here on earth. Make no mistake about that. From historical accounts to the sculpted busts of our gods and heroes. It's all been tough and we humans drug up the toughness to the point of reflection in this toughness.
In the United States we are so full of vanity, dissolution and delusion. We are not too far from the rest of the planet in this, but we have a special twist. We believe that, yes, everyone suffers but we can fix it. Just give us some time.
On the other hand we have people suffering here in our own country because we have been sold an idea that we can achieve anything if we work hard, follow the rules, lie, cheat, make friends, lose friends, go to church or temple or prayer house or the movies and buy all kinds of crap that we do not need.
It has always been and always will be a tough existence. Our existence is a kinder and gentler strike against humanity. Our days are numbered. For some of us the days are numbere…

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