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Poem: All Romes Lead to the Road

17. Nov. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Poem: All Romes Lead to the Road 20181116-0156 Good night and thank you for listening,
All Romes lead to the road,
Common language somehow upsetting,
The balance and the wind shuffle;

Good night and early morning travels
Vaguely saying the measures of mile
Twisting haphazardly with Meter, Rhyme
And dusty Feet marching route-step;

In cadence, exercise! I hate you and
You hate me! Dirty, stinking privates
Won't brush their teeth! Laughing at
The patience of the Grand Narcissist;

Good night and say goodbye to games
Played on the playa with the Devil
Bending his knee to publicly pray and
Say: "Have a blessed day." As you vomit;

Good night and listen for the vomitorium
To hand over fist fulls of fools feeling
Frothy fantastic fetes for fabricated
Nonsensual desires landing in tepid waters;

Over the river and through the woods
With difficult breathing and difficult
Breathing for fantastic difficult roads
And difficult breathing with diffic…

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