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Time Travel

One day I hopped on a bicycle at work. When I checked how much at the time, how many kilometers a day I traveled, the answer was about 7. That's a lot of time that I spent walking and not doing other things. 
The bicycle was like a time machine. In ten minutes I could travel 4 times the distance! It was an amazing experience. 
Time travel is just that. How far can you go in a period of time. Not necessarily going from time to time. The concept of going from time to time is unimportant. The time you spend is the only factor that matters in your life. At a certain point your body will no longer support your journey. Time will be over.
It doesn't matter that there have been eons or kalpas before, during or after any of your activities. Those times are speculative perceptions of someone else or maybe a conclusion you have made. Those times are not your experience. They are inconclusive. They are neither provable nor are they dismissive folly. They are just something else. They ar…

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