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Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice

13. Dec. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It is cold in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth. In the United States and many other places there is celebration and coming together. For some of us who have left the old traditions behind it becomes a dance of conformity at best or misery at worst. The layers of hypocrisy, we say, are killing us all.
Lets count the months leading to the New Year and Winter Solstice: September, October, November and December. These are 4 months or 1/3 of the year. The word September means “seventh month”. October means the “eighth month”. November means the “ninth month.” December, you guessed it, means the “tenth month.” In the very root of our everyday calendar there is false perception. We brush it aside. We drive on.
When this is brought up by the sharp minded it is dismissed. Let’s look at our days of the week. Monday is the Moon day. Tuesday is the day honoring Mars (Tiw). Wednesday is the day honoring Odin. Thursday is Thor's day. Friday is Freya’s…

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