Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months

13. Jan. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Google is "sunsetting" the consumer end of Google+ . As Blogger users we have a choice on our profiles to either use Google+ or Blogger. This profile is seperate from our About page which has more specific profile information as contributors to OgFOMK ArTS.
I've switched the settings in our blog to default now to the Blogger profiles: Here is Kim's and here is mine. I actually like it better because it keeps anyone curious about us focused within the Blogger ecosystem. The biggest problem I had with Google+ profile is that it could send you everywhere but back to where you came from. For navigation purposes that's a "no-go." 
I like Google+. I don't love it. I follow a lot of interesting people. It's ending so that's that.
My favorite Social network is LinkedIn for me and OgFOMK ArTS . My most used is Facebook. I still like Twitter (Thanks to President Donald Trump a whole lot of people use Twitter now). 

Deplorable Me Orders are Up -- Children of the Ankh

10 Oct. 2018 By Kim Cormack - Bio

A sexy dark comic romp through the afterlife with three clans of naughty certifiably insane antiheroes who battle each other for shits and giggles while collecting human teenagers as they survive bloody gruesome exterminations of their family lines. If they have demonstrated an impressive level of badassery they are granted a second chance at life as sacrificial lambs for the greater good. They must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth and can be stolen at random by any other clan until their eighteenth birthday. Plot twist...To prove their partially mortal brains are capable of grasping immortality, they will be dropped into an Immortal Testing which is basically a simulation of their own personal hells. Like rats in a maze made of nightmares and other ghastly depraved thoughts best left locked behind those mortal happy place filters, they must come out mentally intact after being in murdered in thousands of increasingly creative ways…

OgFOMK ArTS ShOW 20181124 "MoreBetterest"

8. Oct. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Press Release: OgFOMK ArTS ShOW 20181124
When: Saturday, Nov 24, 2018
Time: 8PM to 11PM (2000 to 2300)
Where: Copper and Oak Craft Spirits, 739 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704, USA (map)
Description: OgFOMK ArTS show 24 November 2018 at Copper and Oak Craft Spirits, downtown historic Portsmouth, Virginia. #art #ogfomk #morebetterest

Featuring works by:
Alexander Nuttall

Cate Major

Kim Breeding-Mercer

OK, So Maybe You Will Find Us On Facebook

2. October 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

RE: You Won't Find Us on Facebook... Anymore.
Yep, We sure were angry. We were very upset. Out of control, we felt. Too busy. A cluttered mess of me, myself and I.
The OgFOMK ArTS social media train wreck.
We got over it with a little bit of Rhythm and Blues. 
As we disconnected not just OgFOMK but our personal profile we waited for our profile to die. Facebook was toxic and too busy. Our profile died. Happiness from a new birthday party! (Nick Cave Reference). 
Fortunately the co-editor kept her cool. She just watched the baby poop on itself. It wasn't her baby. She just bought diapers, sang songs and listened to the ramblings of the baby. She knew it was just like a hurricane. It would pass.

We had a meeting in my head.  "Self", I said, "you need to exercise all avenues for OgFOMK ArTS!  You have to work hard to stabilize the brand, the people and the posting." The committee of one voted and we decided to keep the pe…

Ross Brooks Show at Copper and Oak Craft Spirits

30. September 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It's Saturday night. Do you know where your trash is? It might be hanging on the wall at the tasting room of Copper and Oak Craft Spirits. The artist, anthropologist and reclaim archaeologists Ross Brooks shows us what was discarded, rescued, embellished and promoted. Ross Brooks shows us us. 

Ross doesn't just hang his findings and finishing touches on the wall. He'll tell you about his discovers too. He's kind enough and honest enough to be shy about his work and then when sharing his discovery you can see the pride of being able to share what he found and did to awaken the discarded refuse spirit.
The venue was Copper and Oak Craft Spirits, located in the Downtown Portsmouth, Virginia, Olde Towne district. We were able to get there from OgFOMK ArTS' office in a hot, flat 6 minutes. We ain't bar hoppers but we love art. So when a friend tells us about an art show we want to go see it.

Copper and Oak Craft  Spirits is …